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C3 & C5 rules

Welcome to Lineage II DooM Server

If you want to play in our server, you need to obey the following rules:



A. General Rules:

  1. The Admin is always right;
  2. If the Admin is not right – take a look at 1.;
  3. The use of any cheats and bugs of the server for your own advantage is absolutely forbidden;
  4. Offence(cursing, swearing) of other players, showing disrespect to GMs and all other ways of humiliation is unacceptable;
  5. The use of personal information for benefit is unacceptable!;
  6. Flood – writing or repeating of absolute phrases in the common chat and the private ones as well is forbidden. Absolute requests for raising a level, giving items etc. will be disregarded;
  7. The use of nicknames, containing offensive words and/or phrases, as well as presenting as GM is restricted. Users will be deleveled or banned. You can trust only the official GMs, presented on the web-site;
  8. The use of any malicious code is forbidden;
  9. You cannot advertise or sell any items to gain money or conduct any other commercial deals.

B. Rights:

  1. The player has the right to play!;
  2. GMs have the right to re/place bans if they have been offended and write it up in the designated area in the forum;
  3. The Admin has the right to do whatever he wants/needs to do without giving explanation to anybody;
  4. The Admin has the right to change the rules without notifying the players;
  5. GMs has the right to give warnings if they find any violation and they write it up in the forum;
  6. The players have the right to warn other players and to inform the GMs;
  7. GMs have the right to check for hacks, restricted items, which includes going through the personal and clan inventory;
  8. GMs DO NOT have the right to give items, money, help players with their quests, sieges and clan wars, as well as disturbing the players game!;
  9. GMs DO NOT have the right to give back money, items or skills lost due to bugs in the server, restart or crash.

C. Mandatory Rules for Players:

  1. The player doesn’t have the right to argue with the GMs;
  2. The player doesn’t have the right to use somebody else’s accounts;
  3. The player doesn’t have the right to use bugs in his own or somebody else’s benefit, regardless the type of the bugs;
  4. The player doesn’t have the right to gossip;
  5. It is forbodden to beg the Admin or/and GMs for items, money, etc.;
  6. The player doesn’t have the right to discuss the Admin’s actions;
  7. The player doesn’t have the right to use bugs in the map, to fight monsters that cannot fight back due to this bugs;
  8. The player doesn’t have the right to use any software that changes the type of packets sent to the server. This forbids also software that alters statistics and speed;
  9. It is desirable that the player uses the forum to ask questions in the formal way;
  10. In case of BAN from the Admin, it is forbidden to create a new one or/and playing with the banned account (see Punishment);
  11. It is desirable that the players read the forum regulary and to get informed wheather the server will be stopped or restarted, as well as reading the Punishments.

Random Party – the items that are picked up go randomly in the players from the party, therefore dropped items that are picked up by some one else is not a STEAL;

Lost Passwords – If you lose your password or the account, or they get changed by someone else, we do not carry responsibility for that so they will not be restored.

PVP – Organising PVP and clan wars is permitted on the server. PK is acceptable, but do not misuse because there are certain groups that do not like PK and will go after you. Continuous Pk is not adviced, but is possible. PK in the start zones (Talking Island, Elven Village, Orc Village, Dark Elven Village, Dwarven Village, Ruins Of Despair , Ruins Of Agony and Execution Ground) is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN. If it is proved that you PK in this zones, you will be deleveled with 5 levels if this is your first time, and if it is second you will be deleveld to Level 1. If you continue Pk in this zones, you will receive a 5-day or forever ban. Please do not break this rule, we do not want to delevel or ban anyone.


  • 1st violation : WARNING and/or possible delevel;
  • 2nd violation : Erasing the account;
  • 3rd violation : Permanent BAN and IP BAN for the cheeky.

To play on this server you agree to the terms above. The lack of knowledge of the rules does not free you from any responsibility.

Changes will be made in the future!

P.S. If you find violation from the described above rules and/or know somebody that did it, please contact any GM immediately or give a screenshot(if available). The punishment will be defined by the GMs according to the violation.

Be well!