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Chronicles 5 Chronicles 3

C5 Download:

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Chronicles 5 Chronicles 3

C3 Download:

To play on our server you need to install our C3 launcher application (1.) or patch for the game (2.).

The launcher is supported by our developer team and automagically updates the system folder of the game with the latest changes for the corresponding servers.

1. C3 Launcher:

  1. Download the files;
  2. Install the base installation;
  3. Unzip the launcher in the main Lineage 2 directiory;
  4. Start the launcher and choose the DooM server. The system folder will download automatically;

If you choose not to use the launcher, follow the instructions below to install the patch for the game

Download C3 Launcher

2. C3 patch:

  1. Download the l2c3_doom_patch_1.1.exe
  2. Update your game using official Lineage from original web site
  3. Copy l2c3_doom_patch_1.1.exe in you lineage2 directory
  4. Run l2c3_doom_patch_1.1.exe
  5. Put this line in the end of your hosts file (Under WinXP this file resides in %WINDIR%\system32\drivers\etc):
  6. run l2.exe in the system subfolder.

Download l2c3_doom_patch_1.1.exe


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