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Triada DooM.BG

The new Kamael server is up and ready

Play and enjoy!
Check this link for technical details.
You can suggest and share ideas on the new Kamael forum. Also, you can use your "C5" or "Interlude" login account or create a new one.
You can shift-click on mobs for drop info and detailed stats.
Our internal drop calc is also ready. Special 10x to MasteR!

C6: Our two C5 servers are migrated to Interlude Version!

You can continue playing or register on our two new C6 servers.
The LoginServer's IP address is the same:

First, you must obtain the Interlude L2 Client. If you do not have one, update your Lineage client to the latest version using the game updater.

Second, edit and add a new line to your Windows hosts file. If you use Windows XP, the hosts file is located in the following folder:

Add this new line (if you don't have an identical one already):

Bartz is a low-rate full Interlude server, quest for class changes.
Seighardt is a high-rate Interlude server, autoloot, autoherbs, auto class change.
Geodata projects are added, you can use the arrow keys for moving.
You can bid Clan Halls, use Clan Hall buffs, Clan Hall Craft, obtain Clan Skills, get married and lots of other stuff ;)

A new web drop calculator and an L2 Forum will be up soon.

C5: We present you our new C5 server

You can register and login on our new C5 server. Server IP address is

C3: New server address

Due to some network re-structuring with our ISP, the IP address of the C3 server has changed. The new address is Please update your hosts file (if you are using our launcher, no update is necessary).

C4: Test server start

The server will be up for a test period with 100x rates from 29.05 (monday) until 01.06 (thursday). After this period, all accounts and character will be deleted. The official start will be on 02.06 (friday) with the following rates: 3x3x3x3x3x4x. The exact start time will be announced on that day.

C3 & C4: New rules

You can read new rules in Rules section. They are same for both servers.

C4: Server status

The server is currently under development and will be up soon.

C2: Server shutdown

Due to the weak interest towards the Chronicles 2 server, on Friday, 17.02, we have shut it down. Our attention will now turn to Chronicles 4 development

C3: Official opening

Friday (23.12), 20:00h EEST is the official start of DooM's Lineage II Chronicles 3 server with rates 4x4x4x5x5x. We invite all Lineage fans to enter the game! Chronicles 2 server will remain functioning.

Server rollback

Tomorrow (14.11.2005) the server will be rolled back to its state in the morning of November 12th. Please excuse us for the trouble.

Baium`s Death

Baium was killed for first time in Doom C2 server and first God`s Blade find a owner

Read it !!!

Doom Chronicles 2 WONT be wiped so dont listen the rumors.If we will make something with this server you can read for this here.
Next sieges :
Gludio Castle siege - 05.11.2005 20:00 BG Time (+2GMT)
Dion Castle siege - 12.11.2005 20:00 BG Time (+2GMT)
Oren Castle siege - 19.11.2005 20:00 BG Time (+2GMT)
Aden Castle siege - 26.11.2005 20:00 BG Time (+2GMT)

Siege info

Gludio Castle siege - 08.10.2005 20:00 BG Time (+2GMT)
Dion Castle siege - 15.10.2005 20:00 BG Time (+2GMT)
Oren Castle siege - 22.10.2005 20:00 BG Time (+2GMT)
Aden Castle siege - 29.10.2005 20:00 BG Time (+2GMT)
NOTE: Giran Castle is buged and can't be fixed.

Siege info

Oren Castle Siege i over fast because no have clans to participate attakers. This week we will make two siege.Siege at Dion Castle 01.10.2005 20:00 BG time (+2GMT) and Aden Castle 02.10.2005 20:00 BG time (+2GMT). Castle`s no have owner.

Next siege

Siege will be on Gludio Castle at 10.09.2005 18:00 BG time (+2GMT). Castle lord are BigBears. Dion siege at 03.09.2005 are canceled becouse need time all download new path and join game.

Next siege

Siege will be on Gludio Castle at 10.09.2005 18:00 BG time (+2GMT). Castle lord are BigBears. Dion siege at 03.09.2005 are canceled becouse need time all download new path and join game.


The Chronicles 3 test server will be open tonight for a public test. Firstly - make sure you got the latest possible updates for your Lineage2 from the official updater. Also you need to put this line: to the end of your hosts file, located usually in the: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc. Game starts from the l2.exe, which takes place in the System folder.

You can simply create a test account in the login screen, while the autocreate is still running. Accounts number is limited, so hurry! We need a clan to test the sieges and some other stuff. If there are problems and you find critical bugs in C3, plz alarm in this forum section.

New patch

01.09.2005 08:00 BG time (+2GMT) server will be updated and improved. Therefore you will need to download the new patch from here. Do not forget to play with new patch after 08:00 01.09.2005. By this date you can still use the old one.

Oren Castle siege is over

EroticStars owned the Castle. By reason of problems with red players you need to know - need first register to siege and then can fight normal vs others.BigBears already have castle and cant register for Oren siege, so they can participate in siege like normal players.Second you need to fight in battle zone where cant be red. So if someome get red he is out batle zone. In batle zone you CAN'T be red!

Second siege is over

Gludio siege is over.BigBears still have castle.Next week prepare for Giran Castle siege. 27.08.2005 22:00 BG time (+2GMT)

More C2 chanegs

New mobs now added in Dragon Valey with A and S grade drop.Soon we will put drop list here .Mobs are very strong so be carefull when travel in DV

Siege is over

BigBears clan owned the Gludio Castle. Next siege will be: Dion Caslte 13.08.2005 22:00 BG time (+2GMT)

More changes

We fixed clan level 3.Now you need Proof Of Blood to increase level 3 clan. Clan level 5 quest is fixed to.
Now Impersial coffer gives Scipter of Judgment and Gramd Masters accepts Proof of Aspiration

Siege is over

Fist siege in Gludio Castle is over. No one get the caste but battle was great. Next siege will be this saturday 06.08.2005 22:00 BG time (+2GMT). All clans level 4+ can participate for siege.

Siege Gludio Castle - 30.07.2005 22:00 h BG time (20:00 GMT).

24 hours before siege start registration will be closed. All level 4+ clans can participate in siege.
NOTE : you can't participate at defenders side because there isn't castle owner who can give you permision to defend.

More C2 changes

Lesser Giant Shooter and Archon Susceptor now added in Giants Cave. Range bugs of skills : Solar Spark, Solar Flare, Shadow Spark, Shadow Flare are fixed.

C2 changes

Summons and pets are now working together with their special skills. Second proffesion-changing quest items are now for sale in stores.


The server of Lineage2 Chronicles2, started from a week, will work and will be supported. The characters wont be wiped, so the embarrassments are groundlessly. The development of Chronicles3 and Chronicles2 continues on two different machines! The choice - where we gonna play - depends on You!

LineAge C2

Due to popular demand, our Cronicles 2 server will be reopen to the public at Monday (04.07.2005) after 20.00 (GMT). You can register on our site. Work on Chronicles 3 continues as we fix various bugs. The Chronicles 2 server will be available as long as there are people who play.


Tomorrow - 18.05 - the C3 server will be UP for two-days test. There will be auto-account creation. The rates will be greater (100x) and you are all welcome to test. Don't complain too much, i know about the nonfixed bugs, i need to know if the server is ready and stable for playing.


Watch this thread in the forum - It shows the current fixes made on our server

Chronicles 3 news

Our server is still in tests, untill we fix the major problems. Sorry about the waiting but this is needed. Wait for more news.

Chronicles 3 server starting

The c3 server starts tomorrow at 20:00 (GMT +2). You can find many bugs and non-working skills and items, but plz understand that we also know about them. This is gonna be a heavy start for everybody. The good news is: L2j team works hard for the fixes and almost everyday they share new implements to the engine. Good Luck!

Chronicles 3 announce

Our C2 server is running on, our internet is running away...Actually this server has not been down for more than 20 min i guess. Anyway i can understand your bad feelings about the server future and thoughts about "what the hell is this lag for". Not to mention the last siege we saw. It was just bad.
So here we are with the news. I decided to change this server to c3 and i will. Chronicles 3 is more complete than this c2. Macros are working, the new territories, new monsters and weapons and drops. There is no quests (ne one) which makes the game "meatless" but still playable. I am sure you gonna like it.
The Chars will be deleted. This is a final decision and will be done for sure. This will solve the problem with "who got what from where" and couple others.


The game server is divided in two parts so the lag has gone. You can finally obtain the benefits of been player in L2 DooM -server. We are starting to fix the next minor bugs we found during the "waiting" period. Chill and search for more info in the forum!

DooM-Lineage2 server - Started!

Finally i can announce the Grand Opening. Welcome to your new playing fortress and congratulations for becomming a part of the greatest Lineage c2 server. Good Luck!

Grand opening in monday! - 01/05/05

We are finally starting the official gameplay on L2DooM - server. Take a look at the addons we have added lately. There are more, but We gonna add them durring the play. Watch for the "Register Account" section from the navigation menu. The moment it works, the registration begins and the start is given. If You want to be sure for the exact minute, go in the IRC channel and wait for the start.

The server is online for private testing - 28/04/05

Everything seems ok, no lags and crashes and I am fixing all the known "bugs" one by one. Anyway - all new testers are welcome. You can find me in the mIRC under the nickname petrasio. IRC - server IRC.DARKMYST.ORG, channel #L2DooM. Ask for account and You will be granted. More info in the "Server Info" section.